Our purpose

Note… this is a TEMPORARY SITE… for the application form and the rest of the information, please go to http://www.davemanby.com/BCU.aspx

The BCU Expeditions Committee consists of experienced British expedition paddlers with a range of specialisms and interests. The committee has always been made up of active paddlers with a good network of friends around the world and a wealth of knowledge built up over the years.

The purpose of the Committee is…

1] To support and advise UK paddlers undertaking challenging overseas trips. Ask us! We might be able to offer helpful advice, or point you to someone else who can help you out.

2] To consider applications from proposed expeditions for BCU Approval and in some cases, for Grants.

Planning a trip which is out of the ordinary, and looking for BCU support? See the ______________ page of this site for more information.